Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting Crafty

Tee, Tank (underneath), denim skirt and belt: Old Navy
Necklace: Handmade
Sandals: Payless

 I might have to blame the Doctor on my burst of creativity this past week. You see usually when I'm at home watching TV I have to do something to keep myself busy but not be distracted from what I'm watching. But I don't know how to knit and cross-stitching would require more focus. So while on my Doctor Who marathon, I decided to make some necklaces out of fabric doilies. 

When I was younger, one of the first sewing projects my mom taught me was making this circular fabric pieces that she called doilies. Basically what you would do is take a piece of circular fabric and while folding the edges you would do a running stitch along the fold. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I would make a bunch of them. But never really knowing what to do with them, they sat unused.
Then last year I saw a necklace on Madewell's site and thought, I can make something like that. So I bought some chain and findings but I still didn't do anything with it. It wasn't until last week that I decided to finally make a necklace and it has been non-stop ever since.

 Handmade Necklace

The one I'm wearing is the first one I made and I'm really proud of it. It goes to show that you can make a basic tee look less than casual with a standout piece of jewelry. I even found a box of fabric that I haven't gone through since our family moved 7 years ago. So I'll be experimenting with different fabrics and designs. Maybe this can even be another Etsy venture for me along with some other crafting ideas I currently have in mind. We'll see about that.


Jennifer said...

Very pretty! Those doilies are super cute. Might have to try making some myself. :)

Handmade jewelry is the best kind; there's always a story to tell when people ask where it came from!

Megan said...

Your necklace is fantastic. I really like the pyramid shape.

Samantha Marie said...

Very Cool, I love the necklace! :) You should totally try a couple out on Etsy, and see what happens! :) :)