Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Etsy Finds: Movie Posters

Movie posters are designed to entice the public about upcoming movies on usually a 11''x14'' piece of glossy paper. Sometimes they can be amazing works of art, but most of the time it's just bad Photoshop. While I have some favorite poster designs, I wouldn't want my home to look like I pilfered posters from every movie-plex near me. Which is why I like these posters on Etsy. Their interpretations give a the viewer a fresh perspective from the original poster. Plus if you have already seen the movie, you'll immediately recognize some of the images from specific scenes from that movie. Here are some of my favorites. 
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Etsy seller: monstergallery
From Etsy seller: joneallen
From Etsy seller: claudiavarosio
From Etsy seller: sap41387
From Etsy seller: FunnyFaceArt
From Etsy seller: RonGuyatt


Lydia Marie said...

Those are really cool!  My favorite is the Fantastic Mr. Fox one...I might actually look into getting that for my brother-it's his favorite movie.

She is Sara said...

HAROLD AND MAUDE!!! Squueeeee!!! literally one of my favorite movies!! I love Shaun of the Dead too, this was great :)