Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time Square

One of the first places we visited was Time Square. Despite the rainy weather, it was a spectacular place to visit. It's basically this crazy visual feast with all of the giant billboards and flashing lights. It must be 100x more intense at night when all the lights go on.





Front of the M&M Store
Of course the blue M&M would be dressed as Elvis
M&M's by the pound


Kate Olmstead said...

Holy crap!  That wall of M&Ms looks absolutely amazing!

I am so glad that you had such a great time there.  Despite growing up on the East Coast I have only been to NYC once, for 4 hours.  I really should go back some time!

Rambleswithreese said...

Your trip looks like so much fun despite the rain Stephanie! By the way,  I love your new header. Just fabulous!

Samantha Marie said...

Time square can be so crazy. Theres so many lights, and huge buildings, then all the people and the billboards - It's almost surreal! Your photos are great! We didn't actually go to Time Square this visit, but we did (accidentally, and it turned out to be stupid expensive) take a cab through time square at rush hour. (OOPS!) BUT we did get to see some of it.. Out the window :)