Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Casual Dress for Success

Skirt: Target
Flats: Payless
Bracelet: Landau (gift from Mom)
This is the second time since I came back from New York that I have put on something besides my pajamas. I've been in the lounge all day in my pj's state of mind and I'm kicking myself out of it. I was reading Taina's post the about dressing up to get stuff done the other day and that's something I need to start doing. At least it'll make the less than glamorous tasks of applying for jobs or unemployment somewhat more enjoyable. Little did I know that while I took an outfit cue from Lydia today, (graphic tee and skirt) it was the same outfit that Tania wore in her post. 


There was also a time where I was no longer going to wear graphic tees because they were getting too young for my tastes. But then my old work started carrying licensed graphic tees with Star Wars and my favorite Hello Kitty. Of course I had to buy them and now I have amassed quite a few of said geeky or nerd-centric tees. This Serenity one I bought on the side Teefury.com where each day there is a special geek themed tee created by an independent artist for only $10. I like this one because it reminded me of the record covers of the 60's. 


I was excited to get this tee in the mail but when I got it my brother pointed out that it was missing one crucial Firefly character, Shepherd. Whoops, but I still like it anyway.


Lydia Marie said...

Yay for being outfit twins!  And that t-shirt of yours is just too cute.

Megan said...

I must have that shirt! Jayne is hilarious in it!

Also I love how well you pair graphic tees with other clothing. I was going to give mine away but the way you style them inspires me to try and re-work them into my wardrobe.

Samantha Marie said...

Aah, Your shirt is SO cute! Looks great with the skirt too! :) 

I think after our trip to NY I spent at least a week in Pajama's. LoL! I felt like I really needed a vacation after my vacation! 

I love your idea of dressing up just do get regular every day things done!! I need to get better about that. If I don't think I'm going to leave the house that day, I'm usually in some kind of jammies for the day! But, I know I always feel better about myself, and more productive when I make that little extra effort. Great post! :)