Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It Takes Two

30x30 Items:
3) Old Navy Top
11) Target Chambray Skirt
27) Elle for Kohl's Tan Lace-up Boots

The Icing:
Old Navy Tan Studded Belt
Forever 21 Bracelet and Necklace
Target Brown Socks

I'm now in my flannel pj's and thermal, so comfy, but earlier today I wore this to run some errands with my mom. I was going to wear a different outfit, but I realized I was lacking a short enough slip to wear under my cream lace skirt. Yeah it's lined but that lined. Do undergarments count towards the shopping band? 
So some disappointing news. I might have to sell my ticket to Coachella. :( One of my friends that was going to go with me didn't get her ticket before it sold out. I don't know any of my other friends that are going and I really don't want to go to Coachella by myself. I think it's an experience that should be shared with friends. Sigh. But... I did find out that Comic-con tickets will finally go on sale this Friday! It took them long enough to get their stuff together, but now my brother and I can get our tickets. At least this time around I know what to expect plus I would like to dress up in costume for at least two of the four days.

As a little added fun, during the 30x30 I'll post the video that goes along with the song title I used in the post. Today it comes from one of my favorite musicals Into The Woods


Rachel (RooPaprika) said...

I absolutely love the ruffle detail on that shirt. Gorgeous outfit x

She is Sara said...

Omg CUTE! You are dressed in something I think Zooey Would wear today! :)

I am sorry to hear that you have to sell your ticket :( Maybe wait another week and ask around? Maybe some bloggers are going? You never know :)

ramsey revell said...

Those boots are darlin' doll! Love how you paired them with a super feminine outfit!