Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wonder Woman!

30x30 Items:
20) Target Blazer 
14) Old Navy Wonder Woman Tee
13) Old Navy Black Skirt
28) Trouve Flats

The Icing:
Forever 21 Rhinestone Flower Bracelet
Target Watch
New York & Co. Tights

So it begins... the winter 30x30 challenge. What better way to start than with wearing my Wonder Woman tee. I mean she does have a pretty awesome costume with her golden lasso and tiara that also functions as a boomerang. Let's not forget about the invisible plane. Geez, I might have to dress up as her for Halloween...or Comic-Con. Hehe.
Well anyways, I made this tee look more "grown-up" by adding the skirt and blazer. 
It's a great way to dress up your favorite band or comic-book tee and I just wanted to add something really fun to this little challenge. Wonder how else I can style this?
Ok, ok I'll stop now. But I leave you with this...


leiah said...

Nice balance of fun and chic! And I love how you called your accessories "the icing" :)

Laurel Harrison said...

I love the Wonder Woman tee! I have one that's more like a baseball shirt, with colored 3/4 sleeves and I love it! I like how you classed up your basic tee with a skirt, tights, and blazer. Awesome look!

Mirandaleebond said...

Cute, I like this look. I picked a casual t for my 30x30, maybe I'll style it the way you did!