Thursday, February 3, 2011

30x30: I Like Your Style

Today during my lunch I was going take outfit photos. I even made a special trip to the local park. Then it happened. My camera decided to go kaput on me. It'll turn on, but the lens just makes this sad clicking noise then stops. I mentioned before that I wanted to get a new camera, but I was hoping that would be in two months, not in two weeks. So tomorrow morning I'll be heading out to Best Buy to get a new camera. Probably another point and shoot. Nothing fancy.

So instead I'm going to post my favorite looks from my fellow 30x30 bloggers. This was something I wanted to do when I did it back in November but never got around to it. Not this time! 
Without further ado... my favorite looks. 

I would have never thought of substituting a tank top as a sweater vest. But after seeing Keira of A Pretty Penny rocking it, I will have to try this out. Plus I want her bangs. 

Mustard yellow. A color I like, but afraid to try out because I don't think it'll look good on me. However it does look on Bri of 49 Dresses. It looks extra cute paired with the polka dot skirt. 

I love how Emily of Bright Tights, Cloudy City mixes chambray, stripes, lace and camel. 
I might have to re-create this after the 30x30.

Finally our fearless leader and the one who started it all, Kendi
tripes and lace. So very chic.

Also I'm a little late in posting this, but go check out one of my favorite bloggers The Body Electric
She has an awesome Valentine's Day giveaway featuring valentines she crafted herself!

Aren't they darling?

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sparrowandurchin said...

Great favorites so far!! I'm so behind! AH! Hope you get a nice camera!!

Sparrow & Urchin