Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Blog Awakens

Greetings blog readers! It's been way too long since I posted on here, due to me being really lazy about it. But I'm making an effort to start blogging again. I have so many things going on in the next few months that I want to document and share on here.

First off, I'm going to start where I ended my blog back in February '14 with some Star Wars. Today kicked off the Star Wars Celebration in Disneyland, ahem... I mean Anaheim. Sadly I wasn't able to go, so I'll be having some serious FOMO whilst looking scrolling through various social media and watching the live feed from Star Wars Official YouTube account. But you know what really made me have all the feels? The new teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It debut this morning and I've watched it 20 times today and it still has this unimaginable grip on me. It's because Star Wars was part of my childhood. I vaguely remember watching it when I was younger. but I do remember in middle school, before the prequels came out, I went with my siblings to see the original versions in the movie theater. Star Wars was my gateway to nerdom without me even knowing it. This has bumped Avengers: Age of Ultron to #2 of my must see movie list. December can't come soon enough!

Oh and the part where Han says, "Chewie, we're home"

Here's the trailer again if your feels can handle it. 

Also I have just found my newest cosplay to tackle Rey, a scavenger from the planet Jakku. 

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