Saturday, October 26, 2013

Last Minute Fandom Costume Ideas

Standing in front of your closet figuring out what to wear for your Halloween? Here's some ideas for some cool, mostly fandom related costumes.

The last time I did a Taylor Swift outfit, it was all about sequin dresses and cowboy boots. This time around, Taylor has been sporting high waisted shorts and oxfords, but she still goes for the sparkles. Put on your favorite red lipstick and keep a journal (or little black book) with you as you head out to the weekend costume parties. 

There are so many feels in this costume. Try to keep Ten by your side or if you're going by yourself, smudge your eye make up a bit and start talking to people on how you need to back to the parallel world with the Doctor. Bonus points if you have the dimension jumping device on your neck.   

Mako, one of my favorite charaters from my favorite movie of this year, Pacifc Rim. Prove to your adopted father that you can kick ass and pilot a jager with one of the most thoughtful heroic man you have met.

If you go on Tumblr as much as I do, there are a lot of posts about Nightvale, the twice monthly podcast that is a blend of The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks. Channel the host of Nightvale Radio Cecil Baldwin. Don't forget the arm tattoos and third eye. 

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