Sunday, November 17, 2013

Whovian Week: 50th Doctor Who Party

In honor of The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who this Saturday, I'll be posting all things Whovian this week!

After months of waiting, the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is only 6 days away. EEP!
While some of us will be watching the 3D simulcast of the episode in select theaters, a majority of us will be watching it in the comfort of our homes.
So what better way to watch is than to gather some of your favorite fellow Whovians and have a party. 

Here are some ideas for the most fantastic Doctor Who party.


No party is complete without food and here are some fun suggestions.

Click below for the recipes: 


Sometimes we need a drink (or two) before we start dancing like a drunken Giraffe. 


Sonic Screwdriver Drink Recipe from Dash and a Pinch


For adult parties, there's always the DW Drinking Game. But there are some really good fun family games too.

Guess the Character

All you need is some index cards or paper. Write the name of a DW character and pin it to the back of your guests as they arrive. During the party, everyone will try to guess who they are but only by characteristics/personalities. 

Costume Contest 

You can't have a DW party without everyone coming in costume. Have different categories, such as Most Creative, Best Doctor and Companion, and Best Villain. 

For more creative games, you should check out the Doodle Craft blog. So many fun ideas! Pin the Face on Cassandra is my favorite. 


If you're looking for some cute Doctor Who fabric for a tablecloth or photo booth backdrop, you should definitely check out Spoonflower and the plethora of artist made fabric. If that's out of your budget, there's also some awesome fabric choices too

I might have to go to my local JoAnn's and get this fabric for myself.
With stores stocked with holiday decorations, there's bound to be enough silver star garland to use with your hearts content. 

Oh and don't forget your Standee!

Who wouldn't want a Ten standee at their party... or room. Ehehe.
Do you plan on having a Doctor Who viewing party?

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