Monday, April 1, 2013

WonderCon, WonderCon!

On Saturday, I went to WonderCon with my friends, Trisha and Steven and we had the best time. Before we even decided to go to WonderCon, I got them both hooked on Doctor Who after seeing my constant DW pins on Pinterest and generally talking about it at work. When we knew that we were definitely going to go, we chose to dress up Doctor Who style. I wore my 50's TARDIS costume, while they were Ten and Rose and it was a big hit.

I'll be honest, it's really cool when people stop you to take your picture and that happened a lot to us, especially for Steven because he looked so much like Ten in his costume. Also, one of the highlights of the con for us was when we were leaving and as we were walking away from the convention center "Belle" came up to us and started talking to us as our characters and she even had her own Sonic Screwdriver. It was so cool talking to others about our love of Doctor Who.

But it wasn't all about the Doctor. The one panel we went to was Steampunk 101 and during the Q&A one of the panelists gave out the best advice when it came to creating things. "Create for yourself and not for others." It's something that we've all heard at one point, but it's good to hear nonetheless. I always leave cons feeling positive because there are others just like me and makes me want to really get myself in gear and pursue my passion.

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Jennifer said...

So many great pictures! Your TARDIS costume is quite spiffy as usual. :D Wondercon sounds awesome. I want to go someday, thought it'll probably only be if it makes it back to SF.