Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Videos: Mister JT

I decided to my video posts to Mondays because who doesn't watch YouTube videos on the first day back at work while settling from the weekend.

Who else is going to pick up The 20/20 Experience tomorrow? I'm so excited that Justin Timberlake is finally releasing new music after spending the last seven years making films and getting married. I already know that I'll have the album on continuous rotation for the next week and I also really want to see him and Jay-Z in concert this summer. Fingers crossed that it'll happen.


Sara Astley said...

I will have to come back and watch these after work! Justin's goofy-side really has made me appreciate him more. He is really funny!

Stephanie said...

Same here!The first time I started really liking him was when he got Punk'd. I love it when he hosts SNL because I know that it will be a good episode and he's the only Justin that I will listen to. :)