Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gone Fishing

I have found a new hobby. Fishing! Which is kind of funny because my dad used to fish (he even had a boat) but I was a youngster more interested in Barbies and play kitchens instead of fishing rods and reels. So when my friends asked if I wanted to hang out and go fishing, I thought it would be fun and now I'm hooked. Pun intended.

We ended up going fishing at a lake over at Harveston. It's catch and release only, so I didn't need a fishing license. After a quick tutorial, some hot dog as bait, and waiting, I caught my first fish. Yay! I ended up catching three more before it got dark. At first I was more concerned about catching fish, but soon enough I found out how relaxing it can be. Being inundated with so much do in our already busy lives, it's nice to spend a few hours with friends and be one with nature. Even if it is at a man made lake. 

I used my friend's rod, but today I found three of my dad's rods. So now I just have to get some fishing line and hooks and I'll be set. Oh and probably ask for a fishing license as a birthday gift. :)

Have you gone fishing before?
I have popped my fishing cherry. :P

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Sara said...

Oh this is so awesome! I used to go fishing with my grandpa and I actually really loved it. We'd catch Blue Gills and wrap them in tin foil with seasonings and bake them over a campfire and eat them with crackers. You look so cute & happy in this pic!