Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seeing the Light of Day

Jacket: Express
Top, Jeans, and Flats: Old Navy
Necklace and rings: Forever 21

One of the family dogs Torrie wanted to get in the picture.
I bought this jacket 3 years ago but never wore it because I didn't know what to pair it with back then. I thought it would be too fancy to wear everyday. This was before I realized that you can mix dressier items with more casual everyday wear. 

So this weekend, I finally pulled this out from my closet and wore it to work. It's actually really comfortable to wear and I'm already thinking of other ways to wear it. Have to make sure I air it out between wearings since it's dry clean only. Something I didn't know until I actually read the wash and care instructions last night. Doh.



Vanessa said...

You look pretty in this soft pink! I think it was a good styling choice to wear this with a casual outfit. It definitely works and the jacket makes the outfit seem special!

Kimberlee VDW said...

hehe I hate when I buy a cute clothing item and bring it home to find out it's dry clean only! GAH! But cute outfit :)