Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Videos: Love and Heartache

I didn't know that the three videos I was going to post today had a little theme going on, love and the heartache it can bring if it doesn't work out. Those are two universal truths that everyone can relate to. 

I like the Benjamin Button narrative about a couple in the video for one of Death Cab's not really depressing songs. Actually the whole album isn't entirely sad at all. I think it's due to Ben marrying Zooey and they are now the ultimate hipster couple. :P

A cute and poppy song about not so fun topic, getting over someone after a breakup. I love how Sara Bareilles put a 50's doo-wop spin to this song. Plus the video is really fun to watch and it was directed by Jonah Hill. 

Of course I leave the most depressing video for last. I seriously love how Adele brings so much emotions to her songs that you can almost feel her pain as you listen to it. Also fun fact: she co-wrote this song with Dan Wilson, who used to be the lead singer/songwriter of one of my favorite late 90's bands Semisonic.

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Sarah said...

Not gonna lie--I've heard SO much Adele lately (between the music at work and the radio) that I need some distance from the lady, haha.