Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just Another Geeky Tee


Cardigan, corduroy shorts, and flats: Old Navy
Dr. Horrible Shirt:
Belt and earrings: Forever 21


Oh look, another geeky tee. This time it's a Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog one by Joebot and is a nice companion to the Serenity tee also by him, that I got a few months ago. Eventually I will do a post on all my geeky tees because I have discovered so many quality ones.

I've probably said it before, but if you haven't watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog yet, you should. After first watching it a couple years ago, it has become one of my favorite musicals. Right up there on the ranks of West Side Story or 42nd Street. Last year I went to Los Angeles to a charity screening of it and it's an annual event that's being held again this weekend. I wish I could go,(and in costume no less) but I can't this year. But if you can, do it! It was a lot of fun and there's usually a special guest or two there.

Do you own any geeky tees? If so what are your favorites?


Megan said...

I'm kicking myself for not buying that shirt. It's so awesome! I love how you make them look so fashionable too! I find it so hard to style shirts like that, so once I get my 2 new Doctor Who shirts, I'm totally going to take pointers from you :)

Freesia said...

Adore your geeky Tee, actually I love T-shirt with graphics, a must in my casual wear!

Stephanie said...

Cool. I can't wait to see them! I know you got the 11th Doctor shirt what was the other shirt you got?

Megan said...

I got the one you posted on twitter with the Doctor Who zombies... well, technically Greg got it for me for Christmas.

She is Sara said...

I love you so much.