Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whovian Wednesdays: David Shouldn't Be Here

From Prancing Cera to Sad Keanu, sometimes all you need is a great picture and some basic Photoshop skills and you have created a new meme. David Tennant in Places He Shouldn't Be is no exception. This Tumblr blog only started last week, but it's already widely popular and it even got a mention on the Official Doctor Who Tumblr.  

The picture in question is this one taken from The Runway Bride Christmas Special.

Which in turn become these Photoshop gems:

High School Musical. The one that started it all.

Don't deny Paula Deen her butter. Even David can't separate those two.


Where's David? He's in the bottom right corner.

One does not simply walk into Mordo. Unless you're David Tennant.

Yo Kanye, I'm happy for you and I'mma gonna let you finish, but David Tennant had the best interruption of all time.
(my submission)

What Goblin King Jareth was really looking at in the crystal ball

How I Ran with Your Doctor

Doctor Up!

Obama five

What are your favorite meme's?

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Jennifer said...

This absolutely made my day. I must run to tumblr now to follow that blog. :)