Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Videos: Golden Age of Nickelodeon

Last week I featured YouTube clips of some of my favorite Disney Channel shows of the past. So of course this week I have to mention Nickelodeon. Even though I waxed nostalgic about the Disney shows, Nickelodeon was my channel. 

I always thought that Nickelodeon was the hipper older sibling or cousin. I knew of Iggy Pop and Michael Stipe because of Pete and Pete. I wanted to be friends with Clarissa Darling and Alex Mack because they were pre-teen (tween wasn't even in the vocabulary at the time) girls to look up to. Even though they were figuring out who they were, they never compromised their self-worth. Salute Your Shorts made me wish I went to summer camp, but Are You Afraid of the Dark? made me want to quickly dart to my room and hide under my comforter when my house was pitch dark. However I never did try to convince my parents to have us go on Family Double Dare and now I wished I did.

I dug up some classic Nickelodeon clips for you to enjoy and bring back memories of trying to finish your homework so you can watch TV. What were some of your favorite Nickelodeon shows?

Remember when Alex had a band for one episode?

Dude ranches are awesome

I sooo wanted to be on this show!

Before he was Kurt's Dad, Mike O'Malley was the host of Guts

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Samantha Marie said...

Aw, This totally took me back! I LOVED Clarissa, and Hey, Dude, and Salute your Shorts was the best!! hahaa :) What a fun post! :)