Friday, June 17, 2011

Friend Friday: Summer Recipe - Halo Halo

Today for Friend Friday, we're heading in the kitchen as bloggers will be sharing their favorite summer recipes. 

I love to bake, but during the summer months I'll usually give the oven a rest because who really needs the extra heat from the oven when it's already 100+ degrees outside. So I kept racking my brain on what I wanted to post when the light bulb came on. I have already posted one of my favorite Filipino recipes, so why not post my favorite Filipino cool treat Halo-halo.
When it comes to desserts/sweets involving ice, you usually think of snow cones, Icees, and shaved ice. But in the Philippines we have our own icy treat called Halo-halo. Halo comes from the Tagalog word mix and its basic components are shaved ice and evaporated milk. From there you can add sweetened preserved fruits and beans like jack-fruit, macapuno (shaved coconut), garbanzos, kidney beans, palm fruit and gulaman (gelatin). To top if off you can add cut up flan, ube (purple yam) ice cream and pingping (crushed young rice). All these ingredients you can find at your local Asian market of in the Asian aisle at the grocery store, although the former will have a larger selection and be a little bit less expensive.
This is a great alternative to ice cream and it's also an interactive treat since everyone can choose what goes in their Halo-halo. If you don't have a shaved ice machine, you can use a heavy duty blender.

If you do decide to make your own halo-halo, I would love to see your pictures of this yummy creation. Just send me an e-mail and I will post it on the blog.
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Kimberlee VDW said...

Oh wow this is very cool. I'll have to give it a try!

Samantha Marie said...

I've never heard of this dish before, But I'm glad I have now :) Looks awesome, and so colorful! I'm so curious about the beans, and purple yams with the sweet components, Sounds great!! 

hurricanekerrie said...

OMG! I wish I can have a halo-halo right now! I had one in Chicago and in New York but here in MN, I probably have to make one myself! But I really want one with ube and ube ice cream. :) Yummers. Oh,it goes without saying, I'm Filipino, too.