Thursday, June 23, 2011

Style Inspiration: The Guild

It always ceases to amaze me where you can find style inspiration. Most of the time you think of celebrities, bloggers or people on the street. Then there's music, art, movies and books. But sometimes style inspiration horizons need to be broaden. So I thought it was really neat that College Fashion did a series of getting inspiration from favorite gaming characters. It got me thinking, I'm always milling around Polyvore, so why not create a set for one of my favorite web-series, The Guild. I have mentioned the series before, but the series created and starring Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog) centers around a guild of World of Warcraft style gamers (or to be more technical, MMORPG) and what happens they not only interact online but also in real life. As I've said before, you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy it, although I do utilize Google when I don't understand certain gaming terms. Plus I'm excited to see the cast at Comic-con again in less than a month. Whoot! So I thought I'd pay tribute to The Guild by creating sets for each of the characters in their online persona.
Style Inspiration: The Guild - Codex

Style Inspiration: The Guild- Zaboo

Style Inspiration: The Guild - Vork

Style Inspiration: The Guild - Clara

Style Inspiration: The Guild - Tinkerballa

Style Inspiration: The Guild - Bladezz

As I was creating these sets, I realized that I might have similar pieces to for some of the looks. So look yet another interpretation of these outfits. Plus all four seasons of The Guild are currently streaming on Netflix. With each season being around an hour, you'll have plenty of time to catch up before season 5 starts later this summer.


Samantha Marie said...

Ooh! They are all on Netflix now? I've been checking, and waiting, hehe! :) Now I can watch them all :) 

I LOVE the outfits you came up with, that is so so creative! The second outfit especially, not my normal style, but I'd wear that every day if I could, SO cute! :) 

Stephanie said...

Thanks! I'm excited about creating outfits from these outfits. I want to know what your thoughts on The Guild are after you watch it.

Anne said...

Cute outfits! I especially like the dress in Clara's outfit. :) But overall, I think I like the Vork outfit best!

blundergirl said...

Bladezz is my favorite set. Great job!

Susie said...

I definitely agree!  The Vork outfit can work even as a super casual outfit =]

Sally Rose said...

These are terrific!

Bran Tiger said...

Amazing! <3 thank you for such inspiration! :)

Beina_86 said...

I love "the Guild" and WoW, so i can only love your Style Collage!
*gz* ^_^

Antonia Jane said...

The Zaboo outfit is adorable and the Tink-booties are so amazing! Nice job!