Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tonal Deaf?


Top, Cardigan, Skirt, Belt and Flats: Old Navy
Necklace and Ring: Forever 21


Trying out the whole color blocking thing today. Well this is more tonal, but I like the way it came out. and makes want to experiment more with this trend. Are there any spring/summer trends you want to try out? I know it was close to 100 degrees outside today, but I still wore a cardigan. The top was sleeveless and not to fond of my arms. I couldn't find my short sleeved cardigan, so I had to wear this one and I constantly had to roll up my sleeves. 
Enough ramblings about this outfit, did anyone catch part one of Community's season finale? I thought last years take on actions movies in the paintball episode "Modern Warfare" was awesome. But they topped themselves this time with "A Fist Full of Paintballs" and how they used western movie themes, and possibly other themes, to propel this seasons paintball story.


 This episode cemented Annie as one of my top three favorite characters on the show. 

The other two Troy and Abed.
I love how they made Annie the leader. She was such a bad ass, a complete 180 from how she usually is. Plus Sawyer, uh I mean Josh Holloway, guest starred on the show. Much like how Friends and HIMYM has their annual Thanksgiving episode, I hope Community continues with their yearly paintball extravaganzas.


Samantha Marie said...

Sawyer does look good in that outfit ;) hehe..

So you do! I love the color blocking trend! I'm trying it out here any there, and I'm trying to think of more combo's to try together - I like the blues! :)

Danielle Hohmeier said...

LOVE that look! I really want to try the colorblock trend, but just started my own self-imposed 30x30 and don't really have any good colorblocking options.... oops.

And Community this week was AWESOME. That show can do whatever it wants and be funny. It's unreal.