Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Off Day


Blouse, Cargo Skinny Pants and Flats: Old Navy
Necklaces: American Eagle Outfitters and Charlotte Russe

I'm having one of those off days outfit wise. I wanted to wear these cargo skinny pants, but I could not figure out for the life of me what to pair it with. I know I wore it with this top a couple months ago and I thought I can replicate it with this top, but it's a tad too big. Combine it with the the ankle length of the cargoes and I look really short. Can't always have good outfit days.
I like the top too much to get rid of it, but I do need to find a tailor to make it more fitted. Or I can try to do it myself. Well see how that goes.

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Lindsey Anne said...

Hmmm, perhaps try pairing with some neutral color heels or boots? Or some open-toed sandals? I'll be honest, when I first saw the outfit, I thought this is actually one of my favorites. I think all you need to do is change up the heels to make it absolutely fabulous ;) I love the top, white, sheer with some ruffles - so girly!

Samantha Marie said...

That really is a beautiful blouse! It is loose fitting on you, but I think it looks excellent! I like what Lindsey said, boots might be a great idea :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Will try this outfit with heels next time. I'm going to also add side ties to my blouse, so it'll look more fitted.