Monday, April 18, 2011

Lazy for the Weekend (Plus a Giveaway!)

Back at work thinking, whoa where did my weekend go? But it was a really nice relaxing four days. I would like to say I did a lot of fun stuff, but in all reality I spent most of it at home cleaning, getting some sun,  and watching the Coachella live web cast. But there a few highlights during my four days off. 

On Thursday my brother Andrew and I went to go see Aziz Ansari at the Bridges Auditorium in Claremont. The auditorium is located inside Pomona College and it's a really nice campus. It reminds me of one of those small east coast colleges that I would see on TV and in the movies. Anyways on to the show. If you don't know who Aziz is, you can see him every Thursday on Parks and Rec as Tom Haverford, as Randy in Funny People or in the 2007-2008 MTV sketch comedy Human Giant. I have to say I highly entertained for an hour and a half. Even my brother liked him and he's cooler than me. Maybe I just get amused by the most mundane things, but for him it might take a while for him to like something. He only heard of Aziz through friends, so he came to show with a  His comedy falls in the style of giving funny antidotes of what goes on his life. You should check out his comedy album, Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening. 


There was a funny part before the show started. This college kid had a poster with a picture of him on side and Aziz on the other side with the word Dad in the middle. Aziz was like "WTF, I'm only a few years older than you!" Which is true. The day before I was on imdb and I found out that his 28, a year younger than me. For the longest time I thought he was in his early 30s, but just looked young. It must be the facial hair. Makes any guy look at least 5 years older.

Friday I pretty much stayed home in my pjs and sporting greasy hair. I did go through my closet and so far brought one bag of clothes to Goodwill. I have clothes I want to sell, so I'm going to start a Smashion account soon. Or should I sell it on a separate blog? I know I asked this question before, but I would like to which venture would be better? I once sold some really nice boots and clothes to this local Buffalo Exchange style shop and they only gave me $30. Minus will just try to sell it myself. Also my phone died. It was acting up a lot the day before, turning off after I would text someone or if I just flipped to the phones keyboard. I recharged it thinking, "ok it'll be fine now." But no... after I texted my sister the phone froze and after I turned if off, it wouldn't turn on. So now I'm using my emergency phone, which reminds me of my first phone. 


I'm planning using the emergency phone until next week when I switch to Verizon. I really want an iPhone4, but I wonder how are Android phones? Are they better than iPhones? The same? I guess I should mention that I have already bought three iPhone4 cases, if that's any more inclatiaion about what my next phone will be. But I would like to hear what my readers have to say. The cases are returnable. :P

Finally on Saturday was Record Store Day, where we celebrate independent music retailers. Also on this day bands will put out exclusive 45''s and LPs. I woke up early and headed to Mad Platter, the closest independent music store to me. On the top of my RSD list was the Jimmy Eat World Bleed American 3-LP set. Unfortunately only 2,000 where printed and I was not one of those 2,000 people to get it. Maybe I'll have some luck on Ebay. But I did pick up some other RSD goodies. Now I just need to get a turntable.

  • Decemberists- Live at Bull Moose (the only CD I bought)
  • Nickel Creek- This Side (first time on vinyl and remastered)
  • Franz Ferdinand- Covers E.P.
  • Death Cab For Cutie- In Living Stereo (this was actually supposed to be a free item since it's only a preview of the upcoming album. Some fans where mad about this and the band is correcting this, but I think it's a cool collectors item and it was supporting record stores by buying it.)
  • Jenny & Johnny- Love Hurts (on the other side of the 45'' is the same song this time performed by Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels Feat. Emmylou Harris)
Also I got a free gift with purchase and I thought, what a great giveaway this would be. So here it is...


You can win a Record Store Day Button and 45'' single from the Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard album One Fast Move or I'm Gone (Music from Kerouac's Big Sur). The two songs are "These Roads Don't Move" and "Sea Engines." I have the album and it's has a great folk sound. Wondering how you can win this? There's three ways...
  1. Leave a comment and e-mail and recommend analbum, band, or song I should listen to.
  2. Follow me on Google Reader or Blog Lovin.
  3. Tweet this contest.
Leave a comment for each entry. The contest will be open until April 25th and I'll announce the winner on the 27th. The contest is also open to international readers. Good luck and stay tuned! I might add something extra to this giveaway. :D

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Lydia Marie said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Btw you should definitely get an iPhone, don't listen to what anyone else says....even the people at Verizon, they tried to convince me to get a Droid too. But my iPhone is seriously my favorite thing.

Oh, and I recommend the band Lydia, if you haven't heard of them, and not just because they have an awesome name :)