Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ice Cream Solves Everything*

30x30 Items:
7) Old Navy Checkered Button Up
10) Target Lace Skirt
29) Old Navy Flats

The Icing:
Old Navy Tank Top (underneath)
Forever 21 Necklace and Ring
Target Watch

I having one of those weeks where everything is not going right at work. It just sucked and I was just waiting for the time to go home.  The best way to cure a crappy day, some Haagen Daz's Dulce  de Leche ice cream and Modern Family. I really started watching this season and it's so funny. The first season is still on my Netflix queue.  I'm just glad to have tomorrow off. 
Maybe I'll go watch a movie or pay a visit to the bookstore. 
This outfit idea has been floating in my head for a while and I finally decided to wear it. I happy the way it turned out. I almost returned this skirt a while back, but I'm glad I didn't. It's comfy and I get a lot of use from it during spring/summer. 

*I know it really doesn't, but it sure does taste good. :)


Mirandaleebond said...

Oooo cute skirt, I tried on something like that last weekend at Forever 21 but it didn't fit right. Still on the search!

Jen Paz said...

this outfit is super cute & it looks great on you!

Laurel Harrison said...

There you go with those legs again! :) I love the way you belted this to cover the "seam" between skirt and shirt. It makes it seem almost dress-like and effortless.

Lindsey Anne said...

I think the last three outfits have been my favorite so far! Day 23 has to be my all-time favorite. Ruffles, a comfy cardigan and polkdots! Perfection :) Is that cardigan still on the racks at Old Navy? I may have to pick one up.