Thursday, February 17, 2011

Won't you tell me what you're thinking of?

30x30 Items:
19) Shumaq Dress via (worn as a skirt)
14) Old Navy Wonder Woman Graphic Tee
20) Target Blazer 
26) Forever 21 Boots

The Icing: 
Target Tights

The dress is one of the last two items that I haven't worn yet, the other item are my Bass saddle shoes. I knew I wanted to wear it today, but I thought it would be too dressy for work if I just wore it with the blazer, so I added my Wonder Woman to make it a little more casual. I also got so many compliments about my dress today. Isn't the bottom hem just lovely?
This was one of my first purchases after the Fall 30x30 and I absolutely love it. It's from the brand Shumaq and there's a cool story behind it. It was founded by Peruvian sisters Vanessa and Jacqueline Barrentes in 2005 and all their designs are handmade by women artists in Peru who would otherwise have no educational opportunities or independence. How awesome is that? They also have a blog filled with images that inspire them. 

  Do you also notice something else? I got a haircut today and decided to get bangs. The last time I had bangs was two years ago and thought it was time to bring them back again. Freshly cut bangs always look a little awkward, but I think after a few days it'll look more cohesive with the rest of my hair.

Today's post title comes from Elliott Smiths cover of Big Stars "Thirteen."


sparrowandurchin said...

That company sounds awesome! I'm going to check it out! I really love the dress, I love the rosettes at the bottom, and Wonder Woman! Yes! Love that it dresses down the frilliness of the dress! The entire outfit is great. Oh gosh you've already done a 30x30 man this is my first time and I'm starting to feel the boredom, and I forgot to take a picture yesterday, ooops!

Sparrow & Urchin

Lydia said...

I love the bangs! They look really good on you. And that dress is so pretty.

Shopping and Spreadsheets

jenny said...

I love all your post. You have great fashion sense. It's so creatively ensembled. Very Skirt fashion