Saturday, February 26, 2011

Under 21

30x30 Items:
17) I Heart Ronson Lace Dress
3) Old Navy Blouse (underneath dress)
30) Bass Heeled Saddle Shoes

The Icing:
Express Necklace
Target Tights

I'm finally busting out the Bass saddle shoes. It took 21 outfits to do so, but better late than never. I used to have saddle shoes when I was younger and I would wear them all the time. Now I have a more grown up version since these have a 2-3 inch heel. But I need to change the laces since they are always getting undone. I also realized while looking for tights to wear, I do not own any that are solid black. I have every other style of black tights but not one of the basics. Will have to remedy that after the 30x30.

Yesterday I got caught up on some of my movie watching with Dinner for Schmucks and The Social Network. Two very different movies but I enjoyed them both immensely. I liked the chemistry between Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, (it is the 3rd movie they've done together) and I thought the dioramas that Barry (Carell's character) created were really cute. Despite the initial creep factor, I would totally display them in my home. I hope that The Social Network wins for Best Picture at the Oscars tomorrow. It was such a great movie with a great cast and writing courtesy of Aaron Sorkin. Who knew that a movie about a social networking site would be so compelling. Who are rooting to win Best Picture at this years Oscars?

Today's post song comes from Save Ferris. 
Check out the post I did about them here.

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Laurel Harrison said...

I love the drama that the different black patterns create. It's textural without being loud or busy. Black tights are a must but this is great just like it is!