Thursday, February 24, 2011


 30x30 Items:
2) Old Navy Polka Dot Top
 16) Express Cardigan
11) Target Chambray Skirt
26) Forever 21 Boots

The Icing:
Red Rhinestone Bow Ring 
Target Watch
Anthropologie Floral Tights

Given the nature of the super awkward photos I took today, (seriously if Tyra looked at the pictures she would have deemed them not portfolio ready) I figured it's probably a good time for another Awkward and Awesome Thursday.
Plus I was inspired by Kendi's outfit yesterday since we both have the same top in our 30x30. 
Did I work it or is it a hot mess? Wait don't answer that.


Thinking that one of your employees is not at work for their shift and leaving them a voicemail, then going on the sales floor and seeing said employee working. They got their one minute from the other manager. Whoops.

When I went out to B.J’s with my family last night, it wasn’t even 10 minutes when the waitress came by asked us how we were doing and asked if we needed doggie bags then 5 minutes later came back with the check. I know she was just being a good waitress, but geez none of us were done with half of our sandwiches/burgers. The place wasn’t that busy that they needed to have a quick turnover with tables.

Finding out that a week and a half after getting a MacBook Pro, Apple comes out with a newer version today. Blerg. Good thing I still have time to exchange it.

Yesterday I looked all crazy eyed in my pictures. Today I’m looking super squinty. Eyes, please bring it back to the happy medium.


The new Adele and Bright Eyes albums. 
Both have been on constant repeat this week.

That there might be a chance of snow at lower elevations tomorrow. 
I do hope it happens!

Finding this at the grocery store today... 

Nom, nom!

This weeks episode of Glee. It was just a ton of fun to watch plus my favorite line of the night was Rachel telling Blaine, “You’re face tastes awesome” during a game of spin the bottle. I know this is strange, but I need to use that line once in my lifetime. :P

The Oscars on Sunday. Movies! Pretty dresses! Anne and James hosting! 
I’m hoping for a night filled with awesome.


Alynne Leigh said...

oooooh reses (: yummm

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Hiya, visiting from Sydney's thread.

Your blog is super cute... and now I follow.

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