Thursday, February 10, 2011

Six Sets Straight , Ace

30x30 Items:
17) I Heart Ronson for JC Penny Black Lace Dress
7) Old Navy Checkered Button-Up
26) Forever 21 Boots

The Icing:
Forever 21 Necklace
Target Swiss Dot Tights

Hey first Awkward and Awesome Thursday Post! 


  • Telling a creepy guy trying to sell spa packages that we can't have solicitors in the store to which he replies "I'm not from Sicily" as he flashes a pervy smile. Ewww gross!
  • When you're at a stoplight and you know in the back of your mind that the car next to you totally saw you singing your heart out.
  • When pebbles some how still find their way in my ankle boots. Do they have tiny springs or something?
  • Where it's so slow at work, customers start looking annoyed because they're the only ones there and we keep greeting/checking up on them.
  • Getting caught talking to yourself at work. This has happen to me on numerous occasions. 
  • When your tights don't want to stay up and you have to constantly pull them up. 


  • It's so slow at work that you can leave 10 min after the store closes and still make it in time for Parks & Rec.Yes!
  •  Finally getting my hands on a MacBook on Sunday. No more hand-me-down computers for me!
  • Cupcakes. Enough said. 
  •  Going to Sephora. It's my little make-up heaven and I always end up leaving with something.  
  • After being on the computer for 2+ hours and rapidly clicking on the refresh button, I finally got my tickets for Comic-Con.
  • New magazines. The only reading I'm doing right now. :P

Today's post title comes from Sleigh Bells "Rill Rill."

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stephthebird said...

I love that you gave Parks and Rec a shout out, it's my favorite show right now! Adam Scott and Rob Lowe have been amazing on it, despite my initial skepticism. It's impossible to say who's the best, though I always love Chris Pratt as Andy!