Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No More 3x5's

30x30 Items:
1) Charlotte Russe Striped Top
23) Old Navy Skinny Jeans
29) Old Navy Flats

This is actually an outfit repeat from last week. But since I didn't get a photo of it, I'm wearing it again. Today I went to my friend Rachel's house where we made red velvet cupcakes, Semi-homemade style. Used a box cake mix, but made our own cream cheese frosting. They were so yummy. I will always love cupcakes, even when they become passe in the foodie world.

We were so proud of our creations. Hehe. Afterwards, we watched (500) Days of Summer. Rachel never watched it before, (gasp!) but she enjoyed it (yay!). She too was enamoured with Summer's outfits in various shades of blue. I'm thinking once my 30x30 is over, were going to have a little shopping trip.

I also have to give props for being my photographer for today. 
She even took this picture of me doing the ubiquitous jumping shot. 
Yay for being original. Hehe.

Today's 30x30 post title comes from the song 3x5 by John Mayer


Katie said...

Love your shoes!

Kirstin Marie said...

Cute photos! Red velvet is my favorite kind of cake, its sooo delicious. I prefer it with glaze, even though the cream cheese icing is the most popular. Your cupcakes look awesome!

Izabela said...

Love me some cupcakes, and red velvet, too! Love that top on you as well!