Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Copycat... I Mean Copies

 Dwight: [about the Scranton Strangler standoff] Ugh, they shouldn't televise this. It only encourages copycats.
Angela: Just say "Copies." Why do you have to drag cats into this?

I recently was perusing the 2011 Resort collection on 
when I came across this look from Rebecca Taylor.

 Much like the J.Crew outfit I recreated during the 30x30 challenge, 
I did the same with the outfit above and got this...

Striped Sweater: Old Navy
Dress (worn as a skirt): Gap
Bow Bracelet (which is now missing *tear*): H&M
Black Mini-Wedges: Payless

Mine looks a little more girly with the longer hemline and wedges. But add some boots, a shorter hemline and maybe a leather jacket and it can have the downtown cool look.

I love the feeling when I'm able to recreate looks I like with the stuff that's already in my closet. Score! 
Also I know this another work break room shot, but hopefully I'll get an outdoor shot in soon. Although the pictures are a little dark, at least the lighting is 100% better than in my room which casts a yellowish tone. Plus I still haven't been caught yet. I have the mental sign in my head much like the no accidents in such and such days. Mine would say three outfits with no embarrassing moments! 

As you can probably tell, I'm in the process of re-doing my blog. It's about time my blog needed some freshening up. So in the next 2 weeks, I'll be looking up HTML codes figuring out how to make my blog as awesome as the ones I read on a daily basis. Oh and I'll have an new blog header which is going to look really awesome. 

You know what else is awesome? 
The new She & Him video for "Don't Look Back." I love the intro to the video, like one of those 60's informational videos. Plus Zooey is cute, as usual. 
I also want to learn the dance at the end. :P

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