Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spots, Dots and Stripes

30 for 30 Items:
Old Navy Gray Leopard Cardigan
Converse for Target Striped Dress
Payless Black Mini-Wedges
The Icing:
Target Swiss Dot Tights
Forever 21 Pin

I'm so glad I had the day off from work. I still had remnants of my cold so I stayed in bed until noon with a hacking cough. But I sucked it up had a Ricola and got out of bed so I can be a little productive today. Had to run some errands and this is what I wore to do so.
I wanted to wear the cardigan as is, but where it sat at didn't look too flattering and I didn't want to belt it. So I decided to make a faux wrap sweater and secured it with a rhinestone flower pin.
I think it worked out quite well and I'm going to try this with my other cardigans.

So I experienced a little hiccup in my no shopping for 30 days rule. I went shopping. Before the challenge I bought these skinny cargo pants that look almost like the very popular J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants in an army green. It came in four other colors, but I wanted to wait until they went on clearance. Fast forward to Thanksgiving, I was working and walking the sales floor when I saw the pants. On sale for $10. Include my employee discount and I can get three of the color for less than the original price of $34.50. They were on super duper sale. Now I'm the owner of these pants...

I can't wait to wear these once the challenge is over. It'll be a nice change from my jeans.
Don't worry I'm not getting anything else until the challenge is over.
Has anyone else broke the no shopping rule?
I know you're out there...

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Grace said...

You wear leopard so well!

Love Grace.

kirstyb said...

love your top xx

Sarah said...

Ooh a dress can look so different when you put something over it. I love the broach you used to pin it together!
Wearing It On My Sleeves

karen mouse said...

I love the pattern mixing - the cardigan, the dress and the tights all look great together!

Linda said...

Great pattern mixing!

The Auspicious Life

Stephanie said...

I love the pattern mixing - the cardigan, the dress and the tights all look great together!