Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Comic Con 2013: Best Con Ever!

FYI: This post is picture heavy!

Also I was working on this post but I got so busy with family things, (such as my sister getting married!) that this has been sitting in my draft box for the longest time.

Last week was my favorite time of the summer, San Diego Comic-Con, or SDCC for short. This is my fourth year going and I almost didn't go. But I thought to myself, it's only an hour drive and I would kick myself for not going at least one day. Off I went on Saturday and I'm so glad I did because I had the best time ever.

I also didn't plan on dressing up until I realized that I had almost everything in my closet to be a femme Eleventh Doctor. I ended up making the mini fez, faux suspenders out of ribbon, and of course the bow tie because we all know by now that "bow ties are cool." I brought the TARDIS bag I made a couple of years ago to tie the outfit together and I bought my Sonic Screwdriver on the exhibit floor that day.

Having volunteered on preview night, I had the entire Saturday free which was a good thing. Tip: since it's getting harder every year to purchase tickets, go the volunteer route. In exchange for a free pass, you volunteer for three hours and it can be for anything. From line management (from what I heard is the worst) to working in the offices. The only downside is if there's a popular panel you really want to go to that day, you might not get to go to it depending when your shift is scheduled. The best thing to do is to get in line early so you can pick a time that won't conflict with things you want to see. I felt like this year the volunteer route wasn't advertised at much on the SDCC site so when I find out when volunteering for next year opens, I will post it here.

Write Bad Wolf in all the blank spaces!
The exhibit hall opened at 9am and I spent a good two hours walking the floor and at the same time participating in the Adventure Time text challenge. I had to make my way towards various booths in the hall and text the Adventure Time related phrases posted in the booth. When I was done with the challenge, I got an Ice King medal. This go perfectly with the Finn medal I got last year and maybe I can make an over the top necklace with it.

Pacific Rim figures from Sideshow Collectibles. I want them all!!!


After walking around the con floor, I started heading towards Block No. 16 where the BCC America/Tumblr Doctor Who Meet Up. The line up was supposed to start at Noon, but when I got there, a line going two blocks from the venue already formed. I didn't think I would get in. But after a two hour wait and armed with an BBC America Doctor Who wristband, I got it and it was so much fun. I chatted with fellow Whovians, had some really great food, and of course get fangirly when the likes of Mark Gatiss, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman, show runner Steven Moffat, and of course the departing Doctor, Matt Smith. I'll be honest, I teared up when Matt and Jenna came on stage. It was the closest I will probably ever get to them. This pales in comparison when I went to The Nerdist live show two years ago and didn't fangirl over Matt and Karen Gillian's appearance. It was B.D.W., before Doctor Who. 

While waiting in line for the Doctor Who party, I spotted these boxes of souffle cups.
It's a sign from Clara/Oswin.

Awesome Capt. Jack Harkness cosplay. He even came with cheeky sexual innuendos.

$2 beer and margaritas? Yes please!

The Bad Wolf: Sprite with bubble gum syrup and soda water

John Hurt (in the red pants) and Mark Gatiss to his left.

Moffat! Jenna and Matt

I  really wanted to steal this and take it home with me.

Such an adorable pregnant Amy and Rory

Someone dressed up as the TARDIS

Lady Loki

Later that night I met up with my friend Erica and her friend Jess to partake in some Gaslamp fun. We first went to the Geek and Sundry fan party to get our dance on then we headed over to Petco Park to Nerd HQ because Erica told me the night before, they had a big fan party. But when we got there, the dance area was blocked off for the celebrity party. Boo. But at least the music was thumping we could still dance until the wee hours. More like 1pm when everyone had to leave. Instead of leaving though, we hung out in front of the Nerd HQ entrance to possibly get a picture with our favorite actors and we did. Erica got her picture with David Giuntoli from Grimm, Jess got hers with Drew Roy from Falling Skies, and I got mine with Rob Kazinsky from Pacific Rim and True Blood. I think we all had varying degrees of fangirling, but I might have been the worst. Hahaha. I didn't cry or anything, but I remember telling Rob I saw Pacific Rim twice and flashed twos on both hands. Excuse me while I embarrass the heck out of myself. Afterwards we were going to wait in line for the Doctor Who panel on Sunday, but the line was crazy ridiculous. The end of it was a good 5-8 miles away from Hall H, so we ended up crashing at friends house. 

Overall, I had the best Comic Con experience and that was only one day. Next year I'm definitely going to go all four days. I also have another con to look forward to in November, Comikaze! I already have my cosplay outfits planned out, I just have to start making them. 

Channeled Eleven in the photo booth at the Geek and Sundry fan party.

We met David Arquette at Nerd HQ, 
but moved his head when this was taken. 

Fangirling in process!

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