Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Whovian Wednesday: Put A Pin On It

Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day! On this day we were introduced to the Eleventh Doctor and with the second half of series 7 premiering last Saturday, I thought I should bring back Whovian Wednesdays and regenerate (see what I did there?) to something even bigger and better than before. 

This week I'm showcasing my favorite Doctor Who things that I have found on Pinterest. I have the most followers on that particular board and I have friends IRL start watching the show or unfollow the board because of the amount of things I pin. 

When I heard the news on Saturday that David Tennant and Billie Piper were going to be on the 50th Anniversary Special, I squeed with joy. Seeing this pictures makes me squee even more. 
From Deviant Artist okashira2, their interpretation on what happened to Rory and Amy immedately after The Angles Take Manhattan. I started crying just from reading it.
 My emotions! My emotions!
Best use of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop."
If my future siginficant other was also a Doctor Who fan, I would get these bracelets from Spiffing Jewerly for us. Naturally I would wear the Time Lord one.

What's more awesome than some Doctor Who themed drinks?


Jennifer said...

I always love all your Doctor Who pins. These ones are great, especially that one of Amy and Rory...the feels, there are SO many!

Sara Astley said...

AHHH! I love!! What a great collection of all things Who! I need to make those drinks. And I squuued at the Matt/David pic too!