Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Loss of California's Gold

A part of my childhood died yesterday when I found out that one of my all time favorite television hosts, Huell Howser, passed away. Most people outside California might not know who he is, expect maybe when he was spoofed on The Simpsons, but he was the host of many shows produced through the Los Angeles PBS station KCET that showcased the many great and unknown parts of California. From the Coit Tower to the Bunny Museum in this lady's Pasadena Home. There was something about Huell, that was always endearing. I can't think of any other television host with so much enthusiasm when it came to the hidden treasures of California. One of the phrases he loved using when visiting a place was "that's amazing!"

Watching him made you want to explore parts of California that would never be mentioned on the Travel Channel.  There were no multiple cameras or slick edits. When you watched the show, it felt like you were right alongside him. There will never be another Huell Howser and he will be missed. 

Here are some of my favorite clips: 

This is my favorite episode. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the full episode to post on here. 

He's so very fascinated with the avocado eating dog.

The music video he did with the Musicians Institute in Hollywood:

He could not stop talking about how he wanted to swim in the Neptune Pool.

When he was lovingly spoofed on The Simpsons:

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