Saturday, August 18, 2012

Better Than Nutella?

When I visited the Bay Area back in June for my uncle's retirement party, I was talking to one of my aunts that like me, loves to bake. The subject of Nutella came up, it's my favorite type of spread, when she asked me if I ever tried Biscoff Spread. It was the first time I ever heard of it (for the uninitiated, it's peanut butter minus the peanuts and instead made out of Biscoff cookies) and she told me it's even better than Nutella. I thought, "something better than Nutella? I must try this!"
Unfortunately I never made it to the bakery that sells the Biscoff spread when I visited San Francisco. Fast forward to this past Wednesday. I was in Fresh and Easy getting my lunch for work when I saw nestled amongst the peanut butter, almond butter, and Nutella; Biscoff spread. I knew I had to try it so I bought it along with a package of pre-sliced apples.

I tried it before I started work and I have to say it gives Nutella a run for it's money. If you had the cookies before, it tastes just like it, but in a creamier form.

I was picking at my jar every time I went to the break room for my break or lunch. It's that good. Trader Joe's make a similar product called Cookie Butter and my co-worker bought it the next day. But we did a taste test for both and we like the Biscoff spread more. The Cookie Butter was just a little bit too grainy.
Now I'm just waiting for Costco to sell the Biscoff Spread in bulk because it would be the most amazing thing ever. I also plan on baking some cupcakes using the spread.
Also while I was working yesterday, another co-worker that I introduced the Biscoff Spread to found a bunch of the Biscoff cookies in our shipment and we promptly put all of them on hold. Now I can make a Biscoff cookie sandwich with the bread. Yum-O indeed.


Jennifer said...

Oh dear. That sounds absolutely amazing...I love those cookies soooo much! Wonder if I could order that online somewhere. I'd never stop eating it! If you make those cupcakes, a recipe must be posted. :)

Stephanie said...

Sometimes TJ Maxx sells the cookies for less in their gourmet food section. You should check them out and I'll defintely be posting the cupcake recipie when I make them. :)

Jediash1 said...

Better than Nutella? I'm intrigued! :)