Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bay Area Fun

Last week I went up to the Bay Area and I had a lot of fun and I was sad when Sunday rolled around and I had to come back home. It was great spending time with my family, eating yummy food, and exploring parts of the Bay Area I haven't visited before. 

L to R: sun rising in central California, making s'mores, my yummy creation, mango and macapuno ice cream, my aunt and uncles house has a basement something I've never seen in California, the only time I worked out in the hotel gym, Panda cookies from the 99 Ranch Market, Korean side dishes, beef bulgogi lunch, outside the Apple headquarters, I ended up getting the bottom shirt from their store, obligatory tourist picture, yummy appetizers, drinks of choice for the night, my aunt and cousins performing a hula dance, spent most of my Friday night on the dance floor
L to R: statue in Golden Gate Park, pagoda in the Japanesse Tea Garden, the steepest bridge ever, Golden Gate Bridge, the Transamerica building, yummy Pho from the Golden Flower, alley in Chinatown, quiet in the tunnel please, being silly with the heart sculptures in Union Square, love the old buildings in San Francisco, grapevines, on the drive home I watched Workaholics and Thor (which I also watched on the way there), train cars, drive by view of Pismo Beach, last stop before going home

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