Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pastels Please

Blouse: Thrift store
Tank, Shorts, and Sandals: Old Navy
Scarf (as a headband): Gap
Necklace: American Eagle Outfitters

I feel like this season you can go to either end of the color spectrum. You can choose the bold colors of cobalt blue or tangerine to the soft pastels of baby pink or mint. For this outfit I'm channeling the latter. It also happens to be this months theme for Everybody, Everywear. I actually don't own too many pastels, but I was able to find  this top in my closet. Also I wore this outfit when I went to a BBQ Festival over the weekend and managed not to get anything on my tank top. High fives all around. Head over to Everybody, Everywear to see how my fellow stylish bloggers worked pastels into their outfits. 

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Vanity of Vanities said...

Love your blouse and tank. Lovely!

Cathy@Trees and All Its Benefits