Friday, December 23, 2011

All Dogs Go To Heaven

A couple of days ago, one of our dogs Choco escaped from our house and later that night my dad found him lying on the side of a busy street next to where we live. He got hit by a car. Luckily he was still breathing and we were all hoping that it would just be broken bones or even something where he would be able function with one of those doggy wheelchairs.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case. As my dad and brother went to take Choco to the vet, my mom and I went to do some last minute Christmas errands. When we go home, we got the bad news. The vet said his injuries were so severe that he need to be put to sleep. The bottom part of him was paralyzed and something he would probably never recover from.

I know I don't talk about the dogs in our family too much, but you might have seen them when they would photo-bomb some of my outfit pics. They are Australian Shepherds and while they can be a handful, they are always waiting for you in excitement. There are still four dogs in our family, but it's always sad to see one go.


egged said...

:-( The same thing happened to my friend's dog back when we were in high school. It was very traumatic. Best wishes to you and your family.

sarah_from_fashion_brick_road said...

sorry to hear about your dog, it's very sad when you lose a pet it's like loosing a member of your family, but I hope you and your family are all ok and at lest take comfort in knowing that he is free from pain and suffering :(

Hallie said...

I am tearing up reading this. I am so, so sorry to hear about your dog :( It truly is like losing a member of your family. Thinking of you during the holiday season! xo

-K said...

The same thing happened to my Dachshund right after the kidlet was born. totally paralyzed from the "waist" down and he drug himself home with his front legs. I was inconsolable and we had to put him down. My heart broke a little then and I swore I'd never be able to have another dog...that was 4 years ago and I still haven't changed my stance, I can't go through that again, it hurt too much and I'm so sorry you had to as well! :-( I hope the other puppies are helping to ease the pain and giving you plenty of kisses and tail wags!!!