Friday, September 23, 2011

Visual Friend Friday: Re-working It

Dress: Goodwill (altered)
Cardigan and Earrings: Express
Flower: Hive & Honey
Wedges: Payless

There are pieces in our closet that we would love to wear, but for whatever reason they never seem to look right on us. The first thing we might have in mind is to chuck it or keep in buried in our closet to never see the light of day. But sometimes, the piece just needs a little nip and a tuck in order for it to be wearable again.

Much like the case with the dress turn skirt in the last post, I made some quick alterations to turn this over sized dress that I found hidden in the racks at my local Goodwill....


To this...


I basically took the sleeves off, took about an inch from the sides and hemmed it to knee-length. Although I'm thinking of making it an inch shorter. I have a similar dress like this but in a different pattern, so I'm thinking they were hand made. They were also well worn because I found some parts of the dress that looked like it was repaired. 


I paired the dress with a flower fascinator I purchased from Hive & Honey. You should check out Kaelah's shop. There are so many cute hair accessorizes there. 

Have you ever altered a piece of clothing in order to make it more wearable?


Megan said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! That dress tuned out amazingly, and I love your earrings.

Danielle said...

Such a cute pattern! 

Ceri said...

Such a lovely pattern on this dress. It looks so mcuh better after the alterations!