Thursday, August 11, 2011

Into The Great Park

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap
Belt: Local Boutique
Sunglasses (the sun was making my eyes super squinty), 
Necklace and Ring: Forever 21
Sandals: Payless
(Thanks to my brother for taking these outfit pics)


I delved further into mixed prints territory today and wore two different floral prints and I'm thinking it worked. The prints aren't really loud and I did wear a belt to break them up. Also when I wore it in public, I didn't get any weird looks or snickers at least in my general direction. So success?

Earlier today my brother and I made our way up to Irvine to hang out with our cousin that's heading to the east coast for grad school. The plan was to go the Orange County Great Park and go on The Great Park Ballon this giant tethered helium balloon that goes 400 ft above the ground. Unfortunately, we got there too late and sign-up list was already filled. Instead, we walked around the grounds. 

Great Orange Balloon
 Next time I'll be on that balloon

It was my first time in the park but it wasn't the first time I was there. The park only covers about 1,500 of the 4,700 acres of the former El Toro Military Base. Growing up in Irvine, I remember going to the commissary with my mom or lola (grandma) or going to the shopping center and asking if I can get a churro, Icee or ice cream. It was also really fun to when air show weekend would come around. So to back on the military base and being re-purposed as something the entire city can enjoy is really good.  

Mini Carousel

Besides the Great Balloon, there's also a carousel and just recently they opened up an art gallery and artists residence named the Palm Court Artist Complex. I was talking to the gallery worker and she told me that it'll be another 25 years before the park is complete. So one day I can bring my grand kids or grand nieces and nephews to visit. I also found out from my cousin that the race track for the U.S. version of Top Gear is near the park.

Great Orange Ballon FisheyePlaying around with the fish-eye function on my camera

Honeycomb Awning

Palm Trees and my brother
My brother at the Palm Court

My Blue Heaven
My Blue Heaven by Jorg Durbin

LV Plane
LV Plane Sculpture also by Jorg Durbin

El Toro Base
One of the old military buildings

Afterwards, we went to a Thai restaurant where I had duck noodle soup for the first time and it was really good. So savory and spicy and something I want to learn how to make. Then we went to this pastry shop called 85 degrees much like the Paris Baguette I went to in New York, you get a tray and pick the pastries you want. 


They had some interesting pastries such as one with squid ink, but I went with safe bets such as a flaky cherry danish and a raisin milk butter pastry. I brought them home and I'm guessing that they are all have been eaten up. Will have to make a trip the next time I'm in Irvine.


Lydia Marie said...

Look at you all pattern-mixing again!  The two florals really go together well, almost looks like it could be a dress!

Samantha Marie said...

I really love your mixed prints! I think it's such a fun idea, and you pulled it of well! Something I want to try more often! 

Lovely photos! :) How cool that you were near the Top Gear Test Track - as my boyfriend as recently gotten me totally sucked into that show! I <3 Rutledge!