Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Tank, cardigan and sandals: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Belt: American Eagle Outfitters
Ring and earrings: Forever 21



Wore this yesterday as I went to get some crafting supplies and the library to check out some books/DVDs and pay my fine. I 'm so horrible at turning my books in on time. I've been making a lot of necklaces and bracelets latey and soon I'll be listing them on my Etsy site. I missed doing crafts so it's been nice tapping into my creativity. 

Another thing I haven't done in a while, mainly due to the sweltering heat, is bake. My dad a reunion picnic for his high school on Saturday and we ended up coming home with a lot of rolls and French bread. We didn't want it to go to waste, so I made a bread pudding out of it. I got the recipe from here and I kept to the directions with a few minor tweaks. I used heavy whipping cream and evaporated milk, (since there was no regular milk in the fridge) used raspberries and blackberries instead of raisins and placed it on a shallow baking tray filled with water so the pudding would have a more custard texture. 

It was my first time baking it and I didn't know how it was going to turn out. But once I pulled it out of the oven it looked ok. It tasted like french toast with berries. Yum. The greater test would be if my family liked it and they did since it was gone by the end of the night. There's still have more bread left, so I'll be trying some other bread pudding combinations this week.


Megan said...

That bread pudding looks so delicious, and I don't even like bread pudding! Great outfit too. :)

Jennifer said...

Your outfits are always super cute, and that bread pudding looks delicious! May have to try that recipe; bread pudding is one of my favorite desserts.