Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New York, New York

I may have to wait another day, due to a flight cancellation which is always fun. (Yeah right) But I can't wait to go to NYC. My mom and I are going to not only visit my sister and her boyfriend, but to also watch her graduate from Fordham University with her Masters in Teaching. Also Brian Williams is going to be the guest speaker at the commencement ceremony which is also awesome. Since it's my mom's first time visiting NYC we'll be doing the touristy stuff like going to the Empire State Building and heading over to Times Square. But there are a few more things I hope we can do while we're there....

Watch a Broadway Show
Tickets to Broadway shows are super expensive, usually starting at $80 a ticket. So I'm crossing my fingers that if I get to the box office super early, I can get one of those $30 rush tickets. The top three shows on my list are Anything Goes, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and The Book of Mormon.

I didn't make it over to Brooklyn the last time I visited NYC so a visit is in order this time around. The perfect place to visit would be the gardens.
Osborne in Bloom
Not only can I pretend for a second that I'm Blair or Serena on the steps of the MET, but I can also check out the exhibits in the museum situated in Central Park. The big museum attraction right now is Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, a retrospective on the work of the late fashion designer.

Topshop wasn't open when I visited 2 1/2 years ago, so it'll be interesting to go in and see what all the fuss about.

What other places in NYC do you recommend?


Danielle Hohmeier said...

 ugh have fun! I was there last August and it was AWESOME. I did a ton of touristy stuff, because it was my first time there. I for sure recommend...
Bryant Park at night and during the day
Central Park (duh)
Trinity Church
one of those boat rides around the island
Ellis Island
I didn't get to do Governor's Island or Coney Island, but wish I had!
Times Square at night and during the day
the giant Forever 21 in Times Square
any little coffee or wine shop you can find
the MOMA shop in Soho (discounted stuff!)
soho in general
Rice to Riches in Soho (it was on Hitch!)
The Frying Pan (its a restaurant/bar on a boat! go early though if you want a table because it gets pretty crowded with Frat boys....)

Oh, and I saw Promises Promises on Broadway! Got my tickets for like $40-60 range. Granted... they were in the very back of the theater, but so worth it! Hit me up on email daniellehohmeier@gmail.com or on Twitter @daniellesmyname if you want any more recommendations or have questions!

Lydia Marie said...

 Have fun! I haven't been to NYC since I was in high school, but I loved just walking around Times Square, you could spend an entire day there and be entertained.  

Stephanie said...

 Thanks for the tips! I plan on eating a lot in NYC. :P I also didn't know about the MOMA store, will have to make a stop there also. Will send you a tweet if I have more questions. :)

Samantha Marie said...

 We wanted to get to the Botanical Gardens, but unfortunately it was so rainy, we skipped them this time. If you make it, I 'll love looking at your photos! 

We also swapped out going to the MET last minute and went to the American Museum of Natural History, instead. It was INCREDIBLE! We loved it, and it's also right on central park!! :) Also, if you're in Brooklyn, Coney Island is really pretty and a fun place to visit! 

And I just read Danielle's comment on this post, We also went to Rice To Riches! It was soo trendy and cool, and so different. Certainly worth checking out! (If you like rice pudding! lol!) :)

We also ate a lot on our trip :) We had authentic NY Bagels, Oaxacan,  Vietnamese,  Italian,  It was SO fun to try new things!! :) 

Hope you can get tickets to a show!  I've never been to a show in NY, so I want to hear all about it :) 

I think I left you like half a book as a comment! :)  haha... I need to get blogging with photos of all the stuff we did last week! :)