Monday, May 23, 2011

30 Before 30: Take 2

About 6 months ago, I posted my 30 before 30 list, which is basically a bucket list for my 20's. I wanted to give myself a year and a half to finish everything. Unfortunately though, I have yet to cross off one thing on the list.  But with my birthday looming right around the corner, which just happens to be today, I decided to revise some of the things on my list. One thing I changed was all the trips I wanted to take. Unless I find some rich sugar daddy in the next two months, that is not going to happen. 
Without further ado, here is my slightly altered 30 before 30 list...

My 30 before 30

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Learn to play a musical instrument
  3. Pay off all of my credit card debt
  4. Have at least $5,000 in my savings
  5. Go back to school
  6. Finally have my coup d'etat playlist make it on the airwaves of 94.9
  7. Face my fear of the ocean and learn how to surf
  8. Watch all movies in the AFI Top 100 Films of all time list
  9. Become conversationally fluent in Tagalog
  10. Go to Vegas
  11. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
  12. Start up my Etsy store and have 100 sales
  13. Go to Coachella
  14. Experience New York Fashion Week
  15. Go on a cruise
  16. Save up to buy my own home
  17. See Arcade Fire in concert
  18. Go to trapeze school
  19. Visit a state I’ve never been to.
  20. Go skydiving
  21. Try to get on The Amazing Race
  22. Watch all of the movies on the AFI Top 100 Movies of All Time
  23. Perform at an open mic night
  24. Learn how to cook all of the Filipino dishes from my mom
  25. Learn how to snowboard
  26. Go on a cross country road trip
  27. Learn how to knit and crochet
  28. Volunteer for The Temecula International Film Festival
  29. Learn how to swim
  30.  Somehow meet my #1 girl crush: Zooey Deschanel
When I reach each of these little milestones, I'll cross it off and write a post about it. I'm crossing my fingers that my 29th year will be awesome. 

What's on your 30 Before 30 list?


Samantha Marie said...

 LOVE your list!! You're inspiring! :) :) 

Samantha Marie said...

 I just remembered, My older brother and his wife tried out for The Amazing Race! hehe.. They got pretty far into the process, but ended up not being selected to be on the show. I think they had a lot of fun just trying out though!  :) Wouldn't that just be such an amazing opportunity? I want to see you on there! :)

Megan said...

Number 8 and 22 are the same hun, but oh man Trapeze school would be so much fun! I tried doing it once and it was super hard, but totally worth it!! This list is so inspiring!! :)

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I love this idea- I have a bucket list that I keep adding to as I think of new things.  I also want to go skydiving (even though I'm scared of heights!) and I want to conqueur my fear of the ocean (well more so my fear of sharks).  Happy Birthday!

She is Sara said...

I want to do #11 and #30! Haha :) What a great list! I think you can do it. Most of it sounds fun and challenging, in a good way. 

Lydia Marie said...

I need to make a list like this!  This is very cool, can't wait to hear about you crossing them off the list!

Emily said...

Someone seriously wants to go on that cruise! This is one serious list.

Kate Olmstead said...

I really really like your list, but especially the Zooey Deschanel one! If you met her, I would be so jealous!

Ana said...

ok soooooo, that list looks awesome buuuuut

uve repeated urself twice! number 23 and 24! Thats cheating !