Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Dress, cardigan and tank (underneath): Old Navy
Necklace: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Watch: Target
Flats: Trouvé


I think my tights are finally out of commission, for the next 9 months at least. I'm loving this early spring weather. Now I just need to get in summer ready shape. I've been really bad about my eating habits lately, so I need to kick myself into the healthy eating habit. I recently stopped drinking soda, Dr. Pepper is my vice, and I'm slowly cutting back on my sweets. Need to stretch out my Girl Scout cookie supply until at least May. 
What are you doing to keep yourself in the healthy eating zone?


Laurel Harrison said...

JUST KEEP SWIMMING. It's my motto these days. It's really hard to choose the soup/salad/grilled sandwich over the fatty and delicious 1200 cal burger or 1800 cal boneless wings but I do it. Every. Day. Sometimes I just want to punch myself in the face. New Orleans this weekend is going to kill me. Cajun is my second favorite food group.

Vanessa said...

This dress if from Old Navy? It's gorgeous! I adore the bows so so much!
And, I'm in a bad-eating rut right now. I need spring to push me back into a workout and healthful eating mindset!