Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outfit Revisited

Shirt: Old Navy
Jean Jacket: Gap
Skirt: Ross
Tights: Target
Boots: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Loft
Watch: Target

 After two days of wearing jeans, it's back to skirts and dresses. It has been over a year since the last time I wore this skirt. Too long actually because I really like the shape and length of it and I should be wearing it more often. Unlike the last time I wore it, I didn't need tights or a jacket. But with the crazy end of March weather we've been having for the past week, both items are a must.
I'm also done with my blunt bangs. I don't like having to style it and having to brush them from my eyes all the time. I think there's a reason why I only have them every couple of years. Going to grow them out then it's back to side bangs from for me.



She is Sara said...

That is a pretty skirt! I love the jacket too :) I actually like your bangs split down the center like that, really cute!

Lydia said...

That skirt is really cute! And I'm thinking about doing that with my bangs here pretty soon too, it gets to be tiring messing with them and getting them cut so often.

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Laurel Harrison said...

This skirt is really great! It has a wonderful length and cut. I can see why you like it! It will be perfect as the weather heats up more permanently. This wishy-washy weather junk stinks.
I need a bang trim (I'm supposed to have a blunt cut!) but I can't decide if I want blunt or side again. No bangs is out of the question because I love them! So I've just been putting it off and off and off and off. What do you think?

Samantha Marie said...

Super Sweet print on your skirt! :)

Stephanie said...

I like both bang styles on you, but I'm leaning more towards side bang. I'm starting to think that side bangs are the universally flattering style. Blunt bangs are just more hard to maintain. Let me know which style you pick. :)

Kate Olmstead said...

I love that skirt so much! The pattern is fantastic and I love the entire outfit!

Archives said...

i definitely go back and forth on you said, it changes every few years! :)

-K said...

oooo, I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE this outfit!!! Well done!!! :-D You look darling!