Wednesday, March 16, 2011

J'adore le Printemps

Dress, Bracelet and Necklace: Forever 21
Short Sleeved Sweater, tank (underneath) and flats: Old Navy


The last time I wore this dress, it was with a jean jacket and boots. Now it's with a short-sleeved cardigan and flats. I'm really enjoying the warmer weather. I might have mentioned it before, but spring is my favorite season. I love the longer days and how flowers are blooming everywhere. I'll have to make a trip down to the Carlsbad Flower Gardens again this year along with some other botanical gardens. It will make for some pretty picture taking.
Had some practice today with my favorite front yard trees where the flowers have just started blooming. 

Front Yard Flowers 3
Front Yard Flowers 2
My outfit was partly inspired by the Paris photo shoot that Anna Kendrick did for the April Issue of UK Glamour. I know it's a romanticized version of Paris, but I can't help it if photographers know how to make it look so dreamy. Perhaps if I plan it right I can possibly make a trip to the City of Lights next year. Here's hoping.


Mirandaleebond said...

Great dress!

Lydia said...

That dress is really cute! I'm definitely enjoying this warmer weather.

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Samantha Marie said...

I'm soo excited for spring flowers! I love your dress :)

Eva said...

woohoo, spring is coming! :)