Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet 16

30x30 Items:
6) Gap Outlet Swiss Dot Blouse
16) Express Cardigan
13) Old Navy Skirt
28) Trouve Flats

The Icing: 
Target Tights and watch
Forever 21 Ring

I think I may gotten out of my remix rut with this outfit because I felt really good about wearing it. One of my co-workers said I was channeling a Japanese school girl, which I will gladly take a apartment.  Maybe I was, but I think I picked this outfit just so I can wear my bright purple tights. It's something unexpected in a regular black and white outfit.  
Also, as I'm currently hopped up on any cold/sore throat medication I have in my house. I think I might have gotten the flu bug at work. Ugh, being sick or even thinking about possibly being sick is the worst. 

Trying my best Japanese school girl getting her picture taken.


Vanessa said...

Hope you feel better!
(And I love your tights, too! I'm wearing purple tights today as well!)

Lydia said...

Feel better soon! Also, I love the tights!

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