Monday, January 24, 2011

Florals and Braids

Floral Top: Old Navy
Vest: Gap
Black Tuxedo Jeans: Old Navy
Pink Flats: Old Navy
Bike Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Anthropologie

 I finally tested the milk-maid braids and I like the way it came out. I usually don't put my hair up because I always feel weird about my round face. Much like how I'm not fond of super short haircuts on me. But I think the bangs soften the look a bit. I don't know if braids have had their moment, but I think might experiment more with braids and wearing my hair up in general. 
Next up, I'm going to try this tutorial from Sydney
I also watched True Grit today and it was enjoyable to watch. The western genre is something I don't watch a lot of, (and I have yet to watch the original with John Wayne) but leave it to the Cohen Brothers to make it witty and suspenseful film. I wish I can be a little spitfire like Mattie,  and LaBoeuf has pretty awesome 'stache.

Also who's ready for another one of Kendi's 30x30 challenges? The winter edition starts next week and I already started getting my 30 items ready. I'm thinking of wearing more skirts and dresses this time around. Make it a little more challenging for me. I also think I'll better adhere to the no shopping for 30 days since I need to save for the all things I have planned out for the next few months. Plus I also went on a little clothes shopping binge after the first 30 for 30. While I did find items that can work in my closet, I spent a more than I should. 
If you want to participate in the challenge go here to be on the remix list!

Also like my new header? I had Meg of Bow Ties Are Cool, do a portrait of me and I love how it turned out. Like a hot cartoon character. Hehe.
She's a very talented artist and you should check her blog out. Go, now!
I spent four hours yesterday trying to get my header centered and also not look blurry. Why must you be so difficult blogger! I still have to fix the sidebars, so it's still a work in progress. 
But hopefully I'll have it finished by the end of this month.

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