Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everyday is Rex Manning Day

Dress: Forever 21
Tank (underneath): Old Navy
Jean Jacket: Gap
Patent Penny Loafers: Target
Necklaces: Forever 21

This would be my perfect outfit for my first day working at Empire Records. I know my dress isn't as short as Corey's and Gina's or as goth/punk as Deb's, but I think it fit in with the team right? Well at least I can hang out with Lucas on the couch as he curses "the man" while trying to pick the quarters that A.J. super glued on the floor.
Movie references aside, I love this dress. It has a funky animal print that surprisingly works. I might have to put this in my 30x30 pile, just to see how else I work this dress. I've also been on the hunt for penny loafers and I haven't had any luck. I saw some Bass ones on super sale at, but they didn't have my size. Boo. But last week I went to Target and picked up these patent leather ones for only $7. Score

I also went to Sephora today to use the gift card I got for Christmas to find the perfect red lipstick. I spent a good 45 minutes testing out the different brands and shades of red out there, sometimes the makeup choices still overwhelm me, but I still left with a great shade of red. Hot Tango (05) from Sephora Collection Rouge Lipstick. My first grown up lipstick. Yay!

Now I just need to check out Keiko's Red Lipstick Tutorial and maybe I'll be rocking red lips as much as Gwen Stefani. 

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