Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lessons Learned

A roundup of all 30 of my outfits...



29 and 30

When I first decided to take on Kendi's 30 for 30 Challenge, I thought to myself, "how can I come with 30 outfits from the same items of clothes?", "what if I get bored with my picks," and most importantly, "I don't know if a will adhere to the no shopping for 30 days."
Well I broke the latter during black Friday with this purchase. But I will say that last week those same pants went on clearance $12 more than what I bought them at sale price, so I have no guilt over that. :P

However, the challenge has given me a new found appreciation to what I already had and that I did have it in me to be an awesome remixer. I will never have a closet, ahem, apartments, like Anna Dello Russo, but I'm ok with that.
Kudos to you Kendi for creating this challenge for it has changed the way I look at my closet.

So what did I exactly learn from this challenge?
Well... I learned:
  • Less is More - During the challenge, I had less trouble figuring out what to wear since I only had 30 options. I didn't have half my closet strewn across my bed. Right now, I'm in the process of  going through my entire closet keeping items I know that can be remixed. 
  •  The Remix Rule - Anything clothing I purchase will be remixable at least three times.
  • See Clothes in a New Light- Would have I thought to put a skirt over a dress when I first started the challenge? Uh, no way. But as the challenge went on, with a tuck, a well placed belt, or some basic sewing skills, I can turn a dress into a top or a dress into a skirt.
  • Seek Inspiration - When I couldn't think I what my next outfit should be, I turned to other bloggers, magazines, and other fashion sites for inspiration. Sometimes, you just need to see it on someone else and think, "I can recreate that." 
 What have you learned from the challenge?


Sands said...

Congratssssss on getting to the finishline again, missy! This post is so inspiring. The whole challenge has been so inspiring! It really taught us how to utilize what we have in our closet more, huh? I really feel like I don't need all these clothes anymore! A recovering shopaholic, I am! Hehe.


jadore said...

Great job!! I love all of your combos!

Sourav's BLOG said...

Awesome it..

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Stephanie said...

Great job!! I love all of your combos!